About Hardly Housewives

We first met ten years ago at college but bonded a few years later over our love of wine, our dissatisfaction with life in Boston, our shared commute, and our longtime boyfriends. Now, six plus years down the road, we're living 1,000 miles apart with totally different lifestyles.

Caitlin & Jaisa, Bates College: The Early Years

Caitlin lives on six acres in rural New England in a house full of pets, art supplies, and vegetarian cookbooks. Jaisa lives in downtown Chicago where she spends her weeknights cooking carnivorous dishes in her condo kitchen and her weekends in search of the best restaurants and bars Chicago has to offer.

Both ladies, now married, never lost their taste for good wine and good times.  Join Hardly Housewives on their adventure to keep it hip, homey, and hungry. 

Caitlin aka Homey
City Mouse, Country House.

I've lived in and around cities my whole life - New York, Boston, Seattle. After years of living in Brooklyn with our basset hound, my husband and I decided to buy his childhood home and make a go of it in the country. Where our Brooklyn apartment was surrounded by dive bars and trendy restaurants, our new place is down the street from Christmas tree farms and horse stables. It's been a huge transition, but I love using my background in art to design and organize our new home. We may not have delivery at 3 am like we used to, but we do have five bedrooms and they all need to be decorated...

Jaisa aka Hungry
FOOD. Family. Friends.

My priorities don't actually go in that order, but pretty darn close.  I live for food.  Cooking it, eating it, sharing it.  I was born in Brunswick, Maine and have been fortunate to travel the world and try some incredible things along the way.  Most of my recipes come from inspiration all around me - the incredible food in Chicago, the downright genius cooking of my mom, and most importantly, what my hubby and friends enjoy.  Calorie counter I am not.  A life without delicious, decadent food is simply not worth living.