Hardly Housewives 101

Here at Hardly Housewives, we like to consider ourselves an expert in a few things.  Not rocket science or tax law or even car repair.  But we do know how to throw a great party, wrap up a pretty gift, & whip up the perfect finger food.  Here's a crash course on a few of our favorite topics...

Bridal Showers for Beginners

Throwing a bridal shower?  Start with the links below... we share the best of the showers we've thrown & attended, including decor & theme ideas, flower arrangements, and, of course, the finger foods.

The Sweetest Valentine's Day Themed Shower
A Quaint Connecticut Shower
A Wine & Dine Co-Ed Shower

How to Throw a Foodie Wedding

Jaisa, our "Hungry" Housewife shares the menu from her October 2011 wedding.  Check out the cheese plate to end all cheese plates, the gourmet dinner, & the to-die-for appetizers.  Contact us for further info on her Chicago wedding vendors.

Passed Apps & Party Starters
I Do... Love Cheese
The Main Course (intermezzo and all!)

DIY Wedding Ideas & Tutorials

Vineyard Wedding Favors
Can you tell we're pros at weddings?  Both Caitlin & Jaisa have spent the past few years planning & attending weddings all over the place.  We especially enjoyed adding some handmade touches to our weddings.  Here are some highlights that'll make your own wedding a bit homier...

Wedding Favor Wine Corks
Custom Wedding Map How-To

Lovely & Do-able Handmade Gifts

Cherry Red Dipped Spoons
When you think of handmade gifts, do you think of pasta necklaces or a hastily-sewn scrunchie?  Think again... we're here to assist with handmade gifts ideas for even the most craftily-challenged:

Easy Peasy Embellished Dishtowels
Colorful Dipped Wooden Spoons
Lavender Sachets

How to be the Queen of Appetizers

Porchetta & Pickled Fennel Crostini
Sure, everybody likes a tasty main course, but steal the show at a party or gathering with our tried & true, wife-tested-husband-approved appetizers.

Crab Rangoon Bites
A Perfectly Angelic Deviled Egg
An Appetizer Cook-Off


  1. I LOVE this section of your blog. I know I will be back here a lot :)

  2. I AM SO PISSED OFF THAT I JUST FOUND THIS BLOG. Seriously, I'm asking my husband if we can have another wedding. And Thanksgiving.

  3. I liked wine cork idea the most. Recycling scrapped stuff is something that interests me the most. I have seen a furniture line made entirely out of cork by Daniel Michalik, and it looks great.


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