Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Sachets (or Cat Lady Strikes Again)

A few years ago, I went on vacation with Jesse's family to the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State. We rode bikes around the small towns, rented kayaks, & ate amazing food. While there, we visited a lavender farm and I brought home a big plastic bag of loose lavender flower buds. I'd been meaning to use it but never did anything. This Valentine's Day, I finally got around to putting the flowers to use - paired with a pretty fabric, I made a quick & easy sachet.

First, I cut two small squares of fabric and, right side in, sewed three and a half of the edges shut...

I flipped the fabric so that the right side was now on the outside....

...stuffed with lavender and sewed the open edge shut.

A perfect little gift for V-Day.

And while I was at it, I grabbed some catnip and made up one for our cats. My dad told me once that I had "early onset cat lady tendencies." I can't imagine where he'd ever get that impression...

Stay homey!


  1. Love this!! Must remember this for my cousins bridal shower. Your cat is so darn cute and what a great idea to fill the sachet with cat nip!!!

  2. That is a super-happy kitty! Great idea, Caitlin!

  3. Reminded me of years ago,,,Ashling had a pine scented sachet she'd sleep with!

  4. hihi, lovely picture of the cat :) and great idea!

  5. Thanks, you guys! I took about 25 pictures of Bean... cat lady, indeed.

  6. Oh no, early onset cat lady tendencies - watch out! Next thing you know, they'll be calling animal control on you!

    I love the scent of lavender and this is a great reminder of your trip - and the cat seems to like it too!


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