Thursday, February 23, 2012

Farm Grill & Rotisserie Newton, MA

One of our favorite things about flying back to the East Coast is hitting up all of our old favorite spots.  We spent the morning driving around, checking out our old apartments in Brighton, MA, reminiscing about how poor we were right out of college.   I loved it.  

I've told you about Border Cafe and today I'll tell you about Farm Grill & Rotisserie.  After my other favorite Middle Eastern restaurant closed, we had to find a replacement.  Enter: this place.  

Since Caitlin was heading up to Maine for her first baby shower, we coordinated a quick lunch before we headed to the Cape.  It was so fun seeing her, even if it was for only thirty minutes or so.  This was the hummus.  I took a pic right before I dumped olive oil on top of it.  Yum.  Creamy and delicious.


This is what Charlie and I both ordered.  We rarely order the same thing so we can share a few different items but there was no way in HELL we would be sharing this. This is the Chicken Caesar Gyro Wrap.

Amen child.

They grill the pillowy soft pita so it's nice and toasty and then they fill it with the most amazing garlicky, crispy, salty, amazing chicken I have ever had.  Ever.  IT'S SO GOOD.  Charlie ate half of his.  I ate all of mine.  Something is wrong with me.  This was at least the size of my head.

The creamy Caesar dressing has just the right amount of acidity to balance the richness of the chicken.  HOT DAMN I love food.  Stay hungry!


  1. I love this! I finally found one who has the same "weakness" as mine - food and lots of food! LOL

    But the reminiscing part? Oh, I do that too and really feel good how I survived tough life. :)


  2. Goodness the gyro looks AMAZING!! I do the same thing with my husband.....order diff food so we can share!!! :0)


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