Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Keltic Kitchen Yarmouth, MA

My husband and I visited Cape Cod to see some family and had a total blast.  One of the highlights of our trip was a stop to The Keltic Kitchen.  Ok, there might have been two stops.  One on Saturday and one on Sunday.  So sue me. 

This was what my Mom ordered - the pit ham and eggs with Irish bread.  Lots of things to mention here.  They deep fry their home fries (OMG), but somehow they aren't heavy.  They are crispy and light and so good.  Their flavor reminded me of curly fries.  You can imagine how many of these I ate. The ham was like a steak with a rich smokey flavor from the grill with a hint of sweetness.

My dad got the same thing except instead of home fries, he got beans.  These were ALMOST as good as my Mom's baked beans.

This was what I ordered...not once but twice.  Potato pancakes, with over easy eggs, with bangers and rashers.  Bangers are sausage and rashers are traditional style bacon.  I LOVE RASHERS.  I didn't know this about myself but I do now.  It's basically a combination between bacon and ham. They have a little store where they sell the rashers in the back but Charlie wouldn't let me take them on the plane with me.  Sad, sad day.

One of my husband's all time favorite breakfast dishes is corned beef hash.  He said this was one of the best he ever had.  One of my favorites?  Eggs benedict.  Combining the two was basically a marriage made in heaven.  NOMS to the YUMS.   

Besides the food, my favorite thing about The Keltic Kitchen were the waitstaffs' accents.  They kept calling me dahlin' in the cutest little Irish accent ever.  If only they would fly to Chicago and read me a lullaby.  Stay hungry!


  1. I'm not normally a breakfast person, but these dishes all look SO GOOD! I would have totally eaten there twice, too.

  2. Omg I am so jealous and so hungry right now and all of those dishes look DIVINE!

  3. If you are looking to get some proper bacon rashers and bangers we order from www.tommymoloneys.com all the time! Fantastic stuff. As for the lullaby just let me know when and I'll be there ha ha! Rik

    1. haha Rik I was waiting for you to respond. So delicious. Have you ever vistited O'Connors deli? Looks like they have Irish groceries too. http://www.oconnorsdeli.com/

    2. No but will check that out. Ta!

  4. Keltic Kitchen is my favorite breakfast on the Cape! So yummy.


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