Monday, February 27, 2012

Five Days in Paradise...

I just got back from a quick (& wonderful) trip to Paradise Island in the Bahamas.  My clever husband won a very prestigious award for his company and so they whisked us down there, along with the other worldwide winners.

We stayed at the Atlantis and it was just great.  Pool after pool, all different and HUGE and beautifully maintained.

Our hotel room was a suite (twice the size of our Brooklyn apartment!), with two bathrooms, a separate living room, a full kitchen, washing machine, & a huge porch.  Photos don't do it justice...

The resort also has a huge water park right in the center.  I didn't take my camera on our waterslide rides (sorry, no shots of me screaming & splashing), but the massive water park area was super fun.  I had to fight my inner wimp, but we rode all of Atlantis' waterslides and spent most afternoons floating through rapids on an inner tube.

The resort was full last week but it didn't feel overcrowded at all.  We rarely had to wait in line and there were more than enough lounge chairs to go around.  The service was impeccable - I was beyond impressed with the Atlantis staff.

And, since of course Jaisa asked about the food, it was pretty good.  The Mesa Grill (Bobby Flay) was underwhelming, but I found the rest of the food delicious & well thought out (if overpriced).  There was vegetarian food aplenty, but the seafood was the real star - Jesse was able to have different local fish every night.

While we spent a lot of time at the pools & waterpark, we also spent a good chunk of each day on the pristine beaches.  The turquoise water was absolutely perfect.  

And, as with most of my vacations, by the last day I was just a little bit sunburned, finished with the novels I brought to read, and almost out of SPF 45.  I was ready to get home and see Fred.  Ready to tackle my inbox.  Maybe even ready for one more snowstorm.

In short - I loved Atlantis.  We're not usually fans of resorts, but this one (arguably the king of all beach resorts) delivered.  It's crazy what five days of sun & sand can do... I'm feeling totally relaxed and ready to face the week!


  1. This looks beautiful and sounds amazing! Glad you had a good time! Im sure Fred was happy to have you home though!

  2. I was at the Atlantis this week, too! So beautiful. Glad you had fun!

    1. What!!! I wish we had known and had gotten drinks! I'm surprised you didn't see me riding around the rapids repeatedly like a 10 year old boy.

  3. Wow! You were indeed in beautiful. Every part of the place looked perfect. I'm sure you had a great time. :)


  4. I've been online all night looking for a good vacation... This looks awesome!

  5. I've been online all night looking for a good vacation... This looks awesome!

  6. Wow our room looks so seedy!


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