Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday Food Summary

As promised, I would report back on all of the amazing and delicious food we had at our 1st Annual Super Bowl Party Iron Chef Competition.  It was hard picking the top three, so I wanted to make sure we covered everyone.  There wasn't a bad dish all night - it was all incredible.  I never knew my friends were so creative and such great cooks.  I forgot to take a picture of a couple of dishes, but I was having a very festive evening.  By half time I was 3 Patriot's jerseys to the wind.  

I love me some salami.  You know this about me.  Check out Hart's soft salami that he baked with this ridiculous sauce made with mustard, butter, tomato soup and other goodies.  He did his Mom Rosie proud...

...he even named it "Rosie's Salami."  He served this with some soft light rye bread...I think he's on to something. 

So my brother-in-law, Will, came up with this creation.  Ok so I understand it isn't the prettiest gal on the block, but it was so good.  He rolled chicken fingers with rice and then topped it with cheese - weird, I know, but it was awesome.  We have to work on the presentation a bit but this one is a keeper.

Here are the "Nacho Cupcakes" created by Nicole.  These were da bomb.  She used a muffin tin to give the "cupcake" shape that had an amazing surprise filling of chicken, spices and cheese.  I forgot to take an after picture with all of the garnishes, but these were pretty AND yummy.

Mike brought over buffalo chicken taquitos.  I like buffalo chicken anything and like the fact you can bake these instead of fry.  These were creamy and spicy and amazing.

This was my contribution.  You guys have seen this one before but I thought it would be fun to make for the big day since most of my friends hadn't tried these yet.

Thank Moses someone brought something chocolaty and sweet - thanks Caitlin for the delicious and festive dessert :)

I LOVE pizza dip.  I actually almost made it.  I thought for sure our friend DeLone would have brought a Philly inspired dish considering his roots, but I'm happy he didn't.  This was sinful.  Think of all of the different ways you could make this.  Yum.

These were my husband Charlie's creation.  He won the People's Choice award and for good reason - these things were ridic.  He stuffed wontons with pulled pork, BBQ sauce, and sharp cheddar cheese and served them with a spicy ranch dipping sauce.  Get.  Out.  Of.  Town.

What a beautiful sight...

...I wish my table always looked like this.

Thank you everyone for coming!  We had a blast and hopefully can do it again next year.  I'm sad the Pat's lost, but still had a blast.  It's amazing what laughter, good food (and a few drinks) can do for a sad fan.  Stay hungry! 


  1. No mention of the Dynamite Salsa... so sad :(

    Great party though, thanks for having us over!

  2. Nobody puts L'Ron in the corner...


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