Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Valentine's Wedding Shower

My BFF Lauren is getting married in May.  I can't even help myself.  I am just so excited for her.  She was by my side on my big day and can never repay her for all of her love and support during my crazy lunacy laden busy wedding planning days.  I was lucky enough to travel to Minnesota with her to celebrate her wedding shower thrown by her future aunt in laws.  Boy can these ladies throw a party. 

Let's just start with the blown up pic of her as a child.  I just think this was such an adorable, thoughtful touch!

Since it was the weekend before Valentines day, Taff and Liz (the hostess' with the mostest) tied in sweet little hearts everywhere in the most tasteful and creative way possible.

See?  So cute.

This was the bar set up.  Taff offered white cranberry cosmos, pink champagne, and wine.  Amazing.  She made sure everyone had a full glass.  This was my kinda shower.

Can we talk about the hearts on the wreath real quick?

Just in case you weren't in love enough, they hung hearts from mistle toe.  Obsessed.

Here is a close up of the wreath.  I tried to stuff this in my back pocket and then realized I was wearing a skirt.  Dagummit.

This had to be my favorite detail of the shower (besides the food...obvi).  HEART ICE CUBES.

Eat your heart out Martha.  Pun so intended. 

I could fit into that dress before they served the food...

More adorable heart details.

The food was Mexican inspired.  One of my favs and so festive for a shower.  I loved it.  Here's a beautiful veggie platter.

I love to know what I'm eating.  These little signs were SO cute.  How crafty.

Here's little Lauren again looking over the food.   Some things never change.

Mmmm guac.  Yes please.

Now they're getting all gourmet on us.

I LOVE mango salsa.  A little bit sweet and little bit spicy...yes please.

What would a Mexican Valentine's Day themed shower be without a heart shaped 7 layer dip?  I nearly fell over (face first/mouth open) when I saw this.  Incredible.

So let's talk about these for a second.  I had MAYBE 4 or 14...I lost count.  They were tortillas filled with cream cheese, green chilies, olives, and cheddar cheese and then rolled up and cut for our (my) eating pleasure.  They were seriously outstanding.

You can't see the sign, but this is the Cinco de Mayo Cesar salad.  Obvi.

Doesn't this spread look amazing?

Oh you know, heart shaped chili corn muffins.

Everything is so bright, festive and inviting.  YUM.

I kid you not, this was one of the most amazing things I have eaten in my life.  This was an enchilada CASSEROLE - it was creamy, spicy, cheesy and AMAZE.  Lucky for me, Liz, one of the hosts, gave this recipe to Lauren as a shower gift.  Score.

How cute is this?

I had one of these chocolate cakes and seriously could not get over how amazing they tasted.  I assume they were homemade but didn't ask.  I mean no one's that perfect of a host...right?

Just to prove that the two women who hosted the shower were human, I took a picture of them with the beautiful bride to be.  This was one of the most amazing, thoughtful (and delicious) showers I have ever attended.  Lauren deserves nothing but the best and got just that.  It was so much fun for me to meet some of her future in laws - she is one lucky girl to marry into such an amazing family.  Stay hungry!


  1. How sweet! This is just precious!

  2. Love! Love! Love! Jaisa - so glad you took such wonderful pictures. There were so many details to take in, now I can pore over them and continue to enjoy :) Taff and Liz - I can't thank you ladies enough!! Such a beautiful afternoon.

  3. Ooooh I want that recipe for the enchilada casserole! It all looks so delicious! Those little wraps too! Yumm!!!

  4. This is seriously the cutest shower ever. Congrats, L&Z!!!

  5. What a great shower! Love the details!

    Thank you for visiting my blog this week and for your kind comment! I am looking forward to keeping up with your blog as well!

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