Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pulled Beef Sandwiches

You might wanna grab a bib.  

Cause you are going to be droolin' up in here.

These beef sando's were not my creation.  My good friend Josh was kind enough to invite us to his parents lake house in Michigan a few summers ago.  His parents wined and dined us all weekend.  One of the dishes his mom cooked was THIS - pulled beef gloriousness.  I thought for sure it was super complicated, but like all good recipes - it was quite simple.

All you really need are these four ingredients:


You can use whatever cut of meat you want.  This was cheap and handy so I grabbed this.  You can get away with a cheaper/tougher cut of meat because we're slow cooking it.  Low and slow baby.

Throw your slab o' beef in the slow cooker.  I have never bothered browning the meat when I do this dish, but you could if you wanted. 

I honestly couldn't remember if I was supposed to do half the jar are all of it...

... I just dumped it all in.  Here's to recipes that don't really matter.  I cooked it in my slow cooker on high for almost six hours until the beef pulled apart easily.

So after it's done cooking you want to shred the beef and peppers together.  You are going to have LOTS of oil.  I let it sit over night, skimmed the fat off after in congeled, and then shredded it.  If you can't wait that long just pour the oil off.  It doesn't really matter.  So, I LOVE giardiniera.  The more the merrier.  My husband likes it but not as much as I do, so next time I'll probably go half a jar. 

This would have been perfectly delicious without the cheese, but I love cheese.  Cheese on cheese on cheese please.  Provolone works nicely because the sharpness holds up well next to the spice.  Plus, when I think Italian sandwich I think Provolone.  I'm just programmed that way.

So what do you think?

You ready to dive in?
How's that drool workin' out for you?  Stay hungry!


  1. Um it is at 8:45am and I am DROOLING! Yummm

  2. you're right I AM DROOLING! great call on the giardiniera!

  3. We do this, but we rub the beef with Italian dressing mix and organic beef base as well.

  4. I made this for dinner yesterday and used 1/2 jar of the giardinera. I must say this was so easy and so tasty! This will be our go-to recipe from now own with the slight modification of adding some beef broth so that there's a little more au jus at the end-as per my husband's personal preferences. I served it with a good italian seeded roll, provolone and mayo for me-mustard for him. Chips and pickles made it a complete meal. Thanks for the share!

  5. Where do you buy the Giardiniera? All I've been able to find is HOT, I'd like to use the mild as shown in your picture. Thanks! :)

    1. You can find it in a couple of different places. In your super market, you can usually find it in the Italian specialty foods section (in Chicago it's in the Pasta aisle) or sometimes it'll be in the condiment aisle by the pickles and olives. Also, if you have a local Italian market, you could try there as well. If all else fails, you can buy it here online. Good luck and buy extra - you'll want to make this more than twice!


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