Friday, February 10, 2012

A Thankful Bridesmaid

I had such a hard time choosing what to give my bridesmaids as thank-yous for being in our wedding. It's hard to find a one-size-fits-all gift that'll reflect your appreciation & love for your best girls. After much deliberation, I ended up getting them all Sephora gift certificates. Impersonal? Maybe. But most of them flew in for the wedding and all of them like nice beauty products.

Here's a much more personalized idea... it was part of the gift Jaisa gave to all of her bridesmaids and it involves stationery so naturally I LOVE it:

Remember when I cut up Jaisa's beautiful wedding invitation?  Well, Jaisa had her stationer make personalized "Thank You" notes in the style of her invites for each of her bridesmaids.  Mine are in a pretty gold ink, but Jaisa chose a different color for each of her girls.

Isn't this such a clever idea?  I always try to keep a stash of pretty thank you notes and these are my very first personalized ones.  I'm saving them for some very, very special gratitude... and I'll think about Jaisa & Charlie's big day when I use them.

Stay heartfelt & stay homey!

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