Sunday, February 12, 2012

House Envy: Manhattan Beach

I took a short (2 day!) trip to LA this weekend to visit some dear friends. Since all I really knew about California was from Snoop Dogg Lyrics & "The OC", I wasn't prepared to fall in love with LA as quickly as I did.  Even though it's been a mild winter in New England, it was pretty amazing to have my feet in sandals & wear a sundress.

I flew in at night so I didn't get a chance to take in the blue skies & palm trees until the next morning.  My friend Jenny & I went for a walk along the "Strand" in Manhattan Beach and I was able to check out some insane properties (Wikipedia says that a half acre of land here goes for $35 million).

Most of the waterfront homes boasted some porches with comfy deck furniture.  There were some crazy outdoor kitchens, beautiful rustic dining tables, & even a few hot tubs.  Since I feel a little rude posting pictures of the private homes, I'll share with you the gorgeous view they look out over:

I'm about to hop on a plane back to Boston.  Goodbye sun & sand & houses on the sweet, sweet Strand (stay huge & stay homey).

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