Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Crispy Greek Chicken with Garlic Sauce

Every once in awhile I think damn I'm a good cook.  

This was one of those times.

When my family and I lived in Watertown, MA there was a place called Ararat Restaurant.  They have since closed which tears my achy breaky heart.  When my husband and I moved to Boston after college this was one of the first places I dragged him to.  Thank baby Jesus because they closed shortly thereafter.  Not knowing Ararat Restaurant would mean he would never really know me and my undying obsession with knock your socks off flavorful food.

It's all about the chicken and the garlic sauce.  If I only had these and a few million cases of wine, I would be set for life.  There isn't an exact recipe for the chicken but I'll do my best.  I literally stood in my kitchen and threw in a bit of this and that and it came out ridiculously good.

Chicken Thighs 
Fresh Oregano 
Lemon Zest
Lemon Juice
Garlic Powder
Whole Peppercorns 
Olive Oil 
Sea Salt

I used bone in chicken thighs because I prefer dark meat - it's just more tender and juicy.  You could do skinless white meat if you want, but it's not going to taste nearly as amazing.  You've been warned.  I took 5 or so sprigs of fresh oregano, discarding the stems. I added half a cup of olive oil, about two teaspoons of whole peppercorns, the zest of a lemon and the juice of half a lemon.  I also added 1 teaspoon or so of garlic powder.  I worked all of the ingredients into the chicken and let everything marinate overnight - turning once.  Before I put the chicken in the rotisserie, I sprinkled sea salt on the skin.  I cooked the chicken in the rotisserie for an hour at 400 degrees.  You could easily do this in the oven, skin side up, for great results. 

Ok now onto the garlic sauce.  So mine wasn't as thick as I think it's supposed to be, but I sort of prefer it to be more saucy.  I followed DeDe Med's recipe and suggest you do the same.  She even has a video with directions - check it out. This is what you'll need:

4-6 Garlic Cloves
1 Cup Canola Oil
1/4 Tsp Sea or Kosher Salt
1/4 Cup of Lemon Juice
2 Egg Whites 

I chopped up 6 cloves of garlic and threw it in a food processor with a bit of the lemon juice and a splash of the canola oil.  Why don't you throw in the cloves whole do you ask?  They just won't blend as well and you'll have chunks o' garlic in your sauce.

Once it becomes a paste like this, slowly add the canola oil and lemon juice, alternating.  By slowly I mean a tablespoon at a time.  Once all of the oil and juice is added, separate two eggs and add just the egg whites while the food processor is running.  Keep blending until it becomes a mayonnaise consistency.

This is what I had - I stopped when it was saucy but I'm going to try it again so it's more fluffy.  Not too bad for a first try though and it was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.  Add a couple of pinches of sea or kosher salt at the end and try not to drink this from a giant goblet.

UPDATE:  I did some research - if you want a thick mayo consistency use an immersion blender in a narrow container with the ingredients.  Works like a charm!

Ummm hells to the YES.  This was crispy, salty, lemony, and the fresh oregano was so so good.  It added that unique Middle Eastern chicken flavor.

I loved how the peppercorns stuck to the skin.  It added a hit of spice every few bites.  If you don't like spicy food, I would suggest using ground pepper instead.  You could also use dried oregano but fresh is SO much better.
How do I liiiiiiive without youuuuu I want to knowwwww.

So this is what I do.  I tear the skin off and drench it in the garlic sauce and devour it like a cave woman.

For you more boring civilized people, you can serve it with rice pilaf.  Instead of butter, I added some drippings from the roasted chicken.  I know.  I'm the smartest person ever.

Isn't this a delicious sight?  Try it.  This will work its way into the weekly rotation.  Stay hungry! 


  1. Delicious! So saving this recipe!

  2. Thank you for this great recipe, I can't wait to try it.

  3. All the right ingredients... can't wait to try this one. Thanks for sharing and the photos are extra wonderful inspiration

  4. YUM!!!! looks so delicious! and i LOVE garlic sauce!!!!

  5. ive already made this recipe a few times and it is so amazing! I'm making it again tonight.....thank you for the awesomeness! :)


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