Monday, March 12, 2012

Painted Wooden Spoons

In addition to a gift from my dear friend Melissa's registry, I knew I wanted to make her something as part of her bridal shower present (more on her fabulous bridal shower to follow). Her wedding colors are dark blue & yellow and I decided to tie into that.

I was choosing between spoons and napkins when Erin from House of Earnest did a painted spoon tutorial. It took the guesswork out of the project - including how to make the spoons food safe so I don't poison the happy couple.

Here's what I used for this quick and personalized bridal shower gift:

bamboo cooking tools
craft paint & brush
paint tape
shellac (not pictured)

I chose where I wanted the paint to start and used the paint tape to create a neat line...

...then I painted the color on (2 coats) and let them dry (using two nesting bowls to keep the spoons upright)...

Using spray shellac, I put a few shiny layers onto the spoon handles. Once the shellac dried (I let them dry for a full 24 hours), my wooden utensils were ready to rock...

How was your weekend? How are you doing with Daylight Savings Monday (arguably the worst workday all year). Stay awake and stay homey!


  1. These look so good!! I'm sure that bride will be one happy lady!

  2. Very personal and cute. Yay let the weddings begin!!! I have three lined up so far. Gives me an excuse to buy new dresses and get dolled up!! =)

  3. Those are really pretty will have to remember that as a gift option for bridal showers. I live in a state were we do not observe day light savings so it is really nice.

  4. Very cool idea for the kitchen team!

  5. Now I want a wooden bowl ideas to go with this , what a cool custom combo

  6. I really like the paint dipped look of the spoons. I use a lot of wooden utensils so I'm definitely going to try something like this!

  7. cute idea, and easy. inexpensive way to change something plain into something colorful.

  8. What a great idea for a cute and easy gift! Wonderful job, and thanks for linking up with the Winter Pinterest Challenge!

    Erin @ The Great Indoors


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