Friday, March 23, 2012

Melissa's Bridal Shower

I posted on the spoons I made as part of my friend Melissa's bridal shower gift but I wanted to share some pictures of the shower itself while it's fresh in my mind.  Melissa has been my friend since our freshman year at Bates.  She hosted me for two weeks in her teeny tiny Edinburgh flat when she was studying abroad and put up with me senior year when we were sharing a bedroom and Jesse & I were chitchatting on my cell phone at all hours of the night.  We actually almost died together in a road-trip mishap, but our times together have been nothing but a blast otherwise.  I could go on and on about my love for this girl, but it was really awesome to spend a day with her family & friends who think she's just as great as I do.

On an uncharacteristically sunny March day in Connecticut, we gathered at her best friend's mother's house for the shower.  Mrs. P's home has a beautiful, open floorplan that was totally conducive to chatting, eating, and present opening.  And we did a lot of all three.

Pretty sure the staple of any good bridal shower (besides, you know, a happy bride & doting guests) is a solid spread of food.  This shower did not disappoint.  Starting off with a delicious cheese plate...

...and all sorts of yummy finger foods.  We had tea sandwiches, canapes, & a pretty veggie spread...

...washed down with a tasty strawberry lemonade in this gorgeous punch set (not pictured: the stash of red wine we went through).

I should have photographed the dishes we used for lunch... Melissa's mother's china.  It was gorgeous and lent some serious elegance to the afternoon.  Also, to the best of my knowledge, it was all still in one piece after the shower.  Phew.

Also, if there's anything my friend Sweet Melissa likes, it's dessert.  We feasted on fresh fruit, mini-pecan pies, macaroons, berry crumble (dairy & gluten free!), cheesecake, chocolate covered strawberries (black AND white chocolate), & chocolate raspberry squares.

How about this cheesecake?

Melissa's mom baked these insanely delicious heart-shaped hazelnut cookies as favors for the shower.  They were unreal.  I'll see if I can track down the recipe from her...

Wedding showers always make me so excited for the main event... I'm beyond excited to be one of Melissa's bridesmaids in May.  Congrats you two!  Stay hungry & homey & happy!


  1. I love the strawberry lemonade! Do you have a recipe or did you just add the strawberries to the fresh lemonade?

  2. What a lovely shower! All the food looks so good and beautifully laid out too! I would also be curious about a recipe for the strawberry lemonade!

  3. Yes that cheesecake looks insane....insanely good!!

  4. WOW!! Everything looks so beautiful and Delicious. The strawberry lemonade looks really good

  5. To all those interested, the strawberry lemonade is simply Newman's Own Pink Lemonade with strawberry slices inside!


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