Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wedding Wine Corks

We had our September 2010 wedding at a Connecticut vineyard and so I knew right away that I wanted our favors to be part of the wine theme!  It was important to me to give my guests something that they'd actually use (as opposed to, say, these).  I also wanted to handmake them... all that wedding planning was making me nuts and I needed a little project to keep my mind off of seating charts, photographer contracts, and wedding-day weather.

I decided to make my own wine stoppers. For 150 guests. It sounds nutty but I promise it was easy and we got a ton of compliments on them!

I started by by perusing Etsy for something cool to put on top of the corks. It needed to be simple and relatively inexpensive per item and so I decided to go with ceramic tiles. I found this great shop (note: she's added so many tiles since we worked together a year ago) and had her custom make me round tiles in a variety of colors (she gave me a ton of choices).  That's why I love working with Etsy artists - it's so easy to have something custom made and done exaaaaactly as you want it.

I wish I had pictures from this process but I promise it was so easy:

I ordered tapered corks online to stick the tiles on.

I bought Gorilla Glue.

I put a tiny dab of glue on top of each cork, put the tile on top, and pressed down.  It's important to just use a little bit of glue, otherwise it'll run out of the sides.

To make them favor-y, I printed out little notes thanking our guests for coming and tied them to the corks using twine.  They were waiting on all of our guests tables when they arrived after the ceremony.  I love visiting our friends and family now and seeing the wine corks in use.

Show me what wedding crafts you like...and stay homey!


  1. Caitlin these are such a great idea! The tiles are gorgeous.

  2. I loved these so much Caitlin. I can honestly say that your wedding wine cork was the only favor that I have received from a wedding that has made it home with me. First off, they are so beautiful and I love that it was handmade. I think of your wedding every time I have a glass of wine at home. Secondly, who doesn’t need additional wine stoppers. Finally it’s so small it fit right in my purse.

  3. what an amazing idea. seriously round tiles?! I would have never thought of that! I am going to have to pin this for sure! :o) you have some great ideas! I am inspired!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy


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