Monday, November 21, 2011


I love paperwhites. As long as I can remember, my dad has planted these little bulbs just before Christmastime and I figured that while I was home this weekend, we could do it together. I love the way they smell and I love having something growing and flowering just as everything outdoors has turned brown and gone dormant.

Now is the time to plant your paperwhites if you want them to bloom around Christmas (which I do). We got ours at the local nursery, but I've seen them at the Home Depot as well. Planting the bulbs is a simple process and in a few weeks you'll have fragrant, fresh little flowers in your home! You can plant them in dirt or moss, but here's what we use:

paperwhite bulbs
planters or bowls

First, fill up your planters with the gravel. Then, dig a few small holes (only a few bulbs in each large planter or one per small planter - you don't want to overcrowd them) and place the bulbs into the holes. Surround the bulbs with gravel. They don't need to be totally covered, but remember that these bulbs will grow tall and you don't want them to tip over when they're bigger.

Once the bulbs are in, fill up the planters with water until the bulbs are halfway covered. As they grow, keep the water up to this level.

You just need to bring the paperwhites somewhere that they'll get some sun during the day. They grow incredibly fast and before you know it, (it'll be Christmas and) you'll have a house full of flowers!

For me, paperwhites are the first sign that Christmas is coming!  Happy (almost) holidays and stay homey!


  1. I just got some paperwhites this weekend! love getting ready for christmas!!

  2. Paper whites AND pie, what a holiday!

  3. Found out that you can keep extra bulbs in the frig to plant them later. Trying this for the 1st time : )

  4. Ooh that's great advice! I have a few extras and will give it a shot! Thanks!


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