Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hats Off

It seems silly to complain about my walk-in closet (especially since it's bigger than our tiiiny guest room in Brooklyn), but here goes: it's boring. I wanted to spice things up in there since I'm passing through it all the time (the closet connects our bedroom with our bathroom).

Painting was out, since it would involve painting around and in all of the closets and storage. There aren't any exposed walls - they're all covered in storage space - but there was a bit of space above each door. I tried hanging up a few small art prints there, but they just didn't look right that high up.

Here's the solution I came up with... using old straw hats (the second one is the hat my husband wore at our wedding!) and brad nails (left over from my shelves), I added some easy decor to our closet.

Door one - leading into our bathroom...

and door two, leading from the closet into our bedroom...

I love how simple they are and I love seeing them whenever I walk in or through the closet.  What projects have you completed with items you already owned?  

Be sure to think outside the box with your decor and stay homey!

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