Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vacationland Porch Makeover

I love this view.

This is the view of coming home to my parent's house in coastal Maine. The house has always been beautiful, but recently they made an addition that has completely changed the look and feel of the house.
With two son-in-laws and a grandaughter added to the equation, they wanted to create a large outside space for all of us to hang out comfortably. I was home in August for three days and literally spent my entire time on this new porch. Amazing. The construction was done by Jerry Merrill Carpentry. They did a fantastic job. Let me show you the renovation:

Here is the beginning for the project. This isn't exactly a "before shot." They had a regular wooden porch that was uncovered before (all of the stone work is new).

Building the turret! If you are like me and had never heard of a turret before, click here to learn exactly what it is.
A great shot of the stone stairs.

Before shot of the porch ceiling. Look at all of those custom cuts! I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

After shot of porch and turret. Doesn't it look great?!

You can sort of see the detail work of the ceiling (where the hanging lantern is).

A good shot of the mahogany beams. The front door was replaced last year and is also mahogany so these beams tie the door in nicely.

View of the porch from the other side (from the front yard).

Inside of the covered porch.

Jerry did a beautiful job on the detail work of the ceiling. It's so intricate and absolutely stunning. He carried out my parents compass theme that's integrated throughout their house without being too literal. Just lovely.

It's hard to tell in this picture, but they also added a stone pathway to the new porch that starts at the driveway. Which is perfect because if you get home and the fam is already out there with a fire and some wine, you can go straight there without having to go through the front door! I will always find the quickest path to the wine. Always.

Lastly, my parents had the stone extended out into the lawn to add more detail and drama to the large stone stairs. I spot another compass!

Ahhh...heaven. The most comfortable and functional portch you'll find. They have a similar porch on the other side of the house that isn't covered. Having a covered porch was genius. If it starts raining, you can turn on the fire place, curl up on one of these sofas, and listen to the rain under a blanket.

Hopefully I'll be posting another outdoor space makeover by next summer. Our Chicago roofdeck is looking a little rickety...keep reading and stay homey!

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  1. that was very nice and it was nice meeting you this glad you guys are enjoying the covered porch.


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