Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanksgiving Countdown

You're probably all set for Thanksgiving, right? I mean, I'm sure you have an organized collection of fall-appropriate decor, serving dishes, and glassware ready to go. You probably already have your platters marked with post-its that outline which platters will be used for the turkey, potatoes, and cranberries (My mother does this. In addition to being one of the most intelligent, business-minded people I know, she's also a domestic goddess).

But... if you're like me, you may have a little bit of work left to do in getting ready for Thanksgiving. We're just approaching the cutoff for standard shipping for Thanksgiving delivery which means it's time to put some thought into what you'll need this year besides that Butterball. Here are a few suggestions:

1) Antique Glass Candleholders - I like tall candlesticks, but with a crowded Thanksgiving table there's always the hazard of knocking them over. These votive holders will cast a nice glow over your guests without blocking the view across the table.

2) Food Bank Dishes by Fishs Eddy - I had the pleasure of working a block away from Fishs Eddy in NYC and I spent many a lunch hour poring over their stacks of colorful dishes. The Food Bank collection is in orange but not so Thanksgiving-y that you'll have to pack it back up on Black Friday. I especially love the striped mug!

3) Twig Cheese Knives - Any meal that starts off with a tasty cheese platter is a successful meal in my book. Pair these cheese knives with a pretty cutting board and add a spread of your favorite cheeses (mine are gouda, burrata, and extra sharp white cheddar).

4) Thanksgiving Notecards - For whatever reason, you may not be with all of your loved ones on Thanksgiving Day (I won't be), so how about sending them some love via snail mail? Wish your far-away family and friends a "Happy Thanksgiving" using these cards from Etsy. I know they'll love it.

5) Gold Chargers - Jaisa cooked us a beautiful meal the last time we were in Chicago and she used gold chargers when setting the dinner table. For such a simple addition to the table, they made everything look so pulled together. Here's a quick (and inexpensive) way to make your table look fancy and festive.

6) Ruffle Pie Dish - This is way prettier than those foil pie plates you buy at the last minute at the grocery store. Plus, it's on sale.

7) Felt Acorns - As much as I love crafting, I don't have time to make these suckers before Turkey Day. I think they'd be funky scattered across the dinner table (the artist makes them in all different colors if you didn't want to go with a traditional fall palette).

8) Pheasant Plate - How about these for dessert plates? They also come in orange and red, but the green will get more mileage after Thanksgiving.

9) Gurgle Pot - I was given one of these at my bridal shower and Jesse and I use it all the time. As per the website, this pitcher makes a "whimsical gurgling sound" when you pour water. It makes me laugh every time.

10) Stemless Wine Glasses - Nicely sized, harder to knock over, and relatively inexpensive. We got a bunch of these as wedding presents and we feel like such adults with our matching wineglasses. I love it.

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