Sunday, November 27, 2011

Uncle Steve's Fresh Cape Cod Oystahs

My Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Steve have to be two of the best hosts on the Eastern Seaboard.  Charlie and I decided to go to Cape Cod this Thanksgiving to celebrate with my dad's side of the family.  We just had so much fun seeing them at the wedding, we had to get together again.


Within an hour of walking in the door, I was already on my second glass of wine and laughing my ass off.  I haven't been to their house in about five years and completely forgot my Uncle Steve digs his own quahog clams and oysters.  My Uncle, knowing that I have a sick obsession for food, dragged me out into the garage to show me what he dug up just hours before our arrival.  I seriously couldn't get over it. 

Here is another picture of the bottom fridge drawer just to give you an idea of just how many he brought home.  I spent a few minutes carefully picking out the smallest ones I could find so he could shuck them fresh for me.  I'm still relatively new to this, so I enjoy just the flavor, not the texture. 

I came into the kitchen with some oysters in hand to find him whipping up fresh homemade cocktail sauce.  Like me he doesn't measure anything.  He started with a big scoop of fresh horseradish.  I LOVE horseradish.

He threw in some Worcestershire sauce.

And then a big squeeze of ketchup.

He gave it a stir and then moved on to the oyster.

Like a true Cape Coddah, he started shuckin' away.

Within seconds, he was handing me a beautiful fresh oyster, as fresh as it could get, topped with homemade cocktail sauce.  My Uncle has the thickest Boston accent you have ever heard and I love it.  Ain't these OYSTAHS KILLAH?? he shouted.  Not an "r" to be found in this house and I loved every minute of it.  More Cape Cod visit posts to follow!  Stay adventurous and certainly stay hungry!!

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