Friday, November 4, 2011

Something Old, Something New

I'm not really the craftiest kid on the block. My HH partner in crime is. But every once in awhile the mood strikes me and I do something so crafty, I shock myself. Let's be honest, my definition of "so crafty" is pretty loose here so bare with me.

Usually my inner craftsman takes over during a trip to the "mothership" aka Paper Source. The inspiration today:

I had absolutely no idea what exactly I was going to do with this card, but I just loved it so much I had to bring it home. struck me!

At my wedding I had a "where we came from" table, consisting of photos from different family member weddings. My mom gave me two wedding photos I had never seen before and I just LOVE them. I think my mom was just the most beautiful bride ever and so I want to look at these photos every day. Also, my mother in law gave me a picture of her mother's wedding (Grandma Marge was quite the looker) so I wanted to incorporate that into this project as well.

I went digging in my guest room closet. I mean I dug DEEP and found what I was looking for. I've had this frame for forever and have never used it. I bought it for $12 at T.J. Maxx and am thrilled I finally found a good use for it.

This is how far a dug. Maybe my next homey project will be stripping my closet and scrubbing it. YIKES.

Aren't these pics just beautiful?

Since the photos my mom gave me weren't quite the right size, I decided to use the envelope the card came in to back the photo. Notice how the envelope matches the flowers in the photo? Pure coincidence. Don't give me too much credit.

I found another envelope for the second picture as well. These just happen to be the envelopes from my wedding.

I kid you not, this is the ONLY tape I have in my house right now. But, it worked perfectly because it was double sided. Happy accident or an evil genious? It's hard to say.

Now, make sure everything is fastened down so when you add the glass cover, it doesn't slide all over the place. That's maybe what happened to me before I introduced the lingerie tape. Maybe.

Completed! I love how this looks. Stay tuned for more ideas on how to use cards as art. Until then...stay homey!

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