Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Wreath

I've never been great at decorating for the fall.  It always feels like I'm just closing my windows and emptying my flowerboxes and then BAM we're a few weeks away from Christmas decorating. Maybe it's because we're hosting Thanksgiving this year and maybe it's because our front door came with a hook built in, but I decided to give a shot at making a fall wreath. I wanted it to be seasonally appropriate without looking like Thanksgiving threw up all over my front door. Here's how I did it:

I found some fake berry strand things (official name) at the craft store, ignoring all of my rational thoughts ("Do these white berries even occur in nature?  Are the cats going to eat them if they fall off?") and bought a vine wreath to attach them to.  I also bought a spool of orange ribbon, justifying that it was only $2.99 and I'd probably use it again for all of this seasonal decorating I've suddenly decided to do.

The stalks on the berries were made of wire, so I got to work twisting them to fit on the wreath.

At this point, I realized they were a little too unruly and broke out my hot glue gun to make the wreath a bit tighter.  This was also around the time I got to wondering if these "berries" were actually supposed to be cotton.  But no, the tag said "Holiday Sensations", so I pressed on with my Thanksgiving wreath, gluing the cottonberries down.

Once I had the berries wrangled and stuck on the wreath, I tied on a bow with that orange ribbon.  Remember when I said it was only $2.99?  Well, you can tell.  It's 100% polypropylene and doesn't look the least like a rich, autumnal satin ribbon.  Oops.  But I hung it up anyway and from afar, the ribbon isn't too offensive.

All in all, I'd give this project a B.  Cheap ribbon, somewhat uneven berry placement, but definitely Thanksgiving-y and welcoming.  And be prepared... I'm pretty sure I'm going to throw a red ribbon on this thing come December and call it a Christmas wreath!  Stay homey, my friends.


  1. It's a snowberry wreath, harking back to when you lived in the Pacific Northwest! Please say hello from me to your whole family when they visit on Thanksgiving.

  2. Snowberries! So you're saying it's not cotton :) Thanks, Emily! I sure do miss it out there!


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