Saturday, November 26, 2011

Planting Bulbs

I know it's late to be doing this, but I'm finally getting all of the bulbs we bought this fall into the ground.  It seems crazy to be thinking ahead to spring when we're just kicking off the holiday season, but an afternoon spent in the garden today will pay off in the spring when the crocuses, tulips, and daffodils emerge.

We bought these bulbs back in September at the Home Depot (they've since gone on sale - 50% off) and our weekends have been so busy that we haven't gotten them in the ground until today.

Besides the bulbs, I used a long-handled bulb planter and bone meal (Miracle-Gro's Organic Choice).  My trusty hound stuck around to supervise...

Dig a hole in the ground and plant the bulbs according to the packaging (some need to go deeper in the ground than others).

Mix the bone meal with the soil you dug out and cover the bulbs up.  Pat the dirt down, wait until next spring, and in the meantime, stay homey!


  1. Watch that shifty basset of yours. Our family hound growing up would watch my mom plant blubs, them proceed to dig all of them up and return them in a nice line near the garage like she had lost them. The few surviving flowers would be swiftly destroyed as Carra ran by in a fit of glory and bit off the heads. Silly bassets.

  2. That post was by your basset-lover friend, Ali.

  3. HAHA - I'll keep my eyes on Fred. He seems to spend most of his energy digging a huge hole next to the foundation of our house, but he was sniffing around suspiciously after I planted them. He's a shifty basset indeed.


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