Monday, March 30, 2015

A Bulldozer Cake for Two Year Old Will

Well hello there!  It's been a while and a lot is new.  A lot like... I have a two year old!  These days Will is a happy little guy who loves his family, his frog blanket, splashing in puddles, and construction vehicles.  Especially construction vehicles.  So for his second birthday, we went all out with the construction theme.

We used Will's many trucks for decor and serving, but my favorite part of the theme was the bulldozer cake I made at 5:30 AM the morning of the party (what?  I woke up excited!).

Most of the bulldozer cakes I found on Pinterest were cakes shaped like bulldozers (I don't have the time or skill for that), so I cheated and used one of Will's toys (scrubbed down with Lysol wipes, then soap and hot water).  The cake itself is two layers of standard yellow cake frosted with chocolate frosting.  Once the base was done, it was time to add even more calories.

I coated the cake in crushed Oreos ("dirt") and then scattered some rocks (aka Snickers and Butterfinger bites).

I created a big pile of rocks for in front of the 'dozer out of Oreos, chocolate frosting, and candy chunks (Jaisa, avert your eyes if you're on one of those skinny recipe kicks).

Will was obsessed with the "bullzozer cake" and it was DELICIOUS.  Seriously, candy on Oreos on frosting on cake is the most delicious, decadent combination ever.

This was mostly a family party so we didn't have a ton of Will's little buddies around, but considering how well it went over with a bunch of grownups and older cousins, I feel confident saying that this would be a huge hit on the toddler party scene.


After-aftermath (not pictured): me standing in front of the fridge tonight finishing off the last of this cake

Happy birthday to Willbo!  Here's to the terrible tasty twos!

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