Friday, June 21, 2013

Special Gift Idea for Your Favorite Teacher

My sister, Michaela, posts lots of cool home projects and beautiful cupcakes on Facebook.  I've asked her a few times to feature her cupcakes but she always politely (sort of) declines.  Caitlin saw this on Facebook before I did told me that I had to post this on the blog right away.  So, if you're reading Michaela: 
1) I'm sorry I featured this without your permission.
2) This is what happens when you tell me no.
My Mom always sent little presents to give our teachers at the end of the school year to thank them for everything they did for us.  Or maybe she just sent them with me because I was the problem child?  Maybe that's why it was a bottle of whisky?
Anyway, whatever the reason, my sister made this (with the help of my niece Kenzie) for Kenzie's Kindergarten teacher. 

I think this is just SO CUTE and crafty and out of this world and totally outside the realm of my creativity.

I love all of the little details.

I found step by step directions on how to do this on another blog, which you can check out here.  Thanks Michaela...:)

Stay Homey!


  1. Oh, Jaisa! I'm going to kill you! I'm blocking you from my FB page! Just kidding. Love you. :-)


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