Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Firecracker Cake

Remember last week when I was all "patriotic-themed 4th of July meals are pretty corny"?  Well.  That was before I saw the "firecracker cake" on Pinterest.  Consider me eating crow.  Or, more accurately, eating cake.  A lot of it.  Because this was really tasty.

I should start by admitting that this is all boxed cake and canned icing.  Look away, Mom.  In my family, admitting you didn't bake from scratch is like when Jaisa's family reads that she used Jimmy Dean sausage instead of the good stuff.

With that said, it meant that the actual baking part of this was super easy.  I followed the cake directions, then split the batter into 3 bowls, and added food coloring to two of the bowls - blue & red.  Then I spooned the colored batter into a Bundt pan without any real pattern or design - I just wanted it to look like a delicious patriotic explosion when you cut into the cake.

Here it is before it went into the oven...

...and when it came out:

Then I melted my can of vanilla icing and filled 3 plastic zipper bags with the soft icing.  I made one bag red, one bag blue, and left one white, then cut a corner from each bag and went to town drizzling the colors back and forth across the cake.  I topped the icing with red, white, & blue star sprinkles.

The result: a perfectly patriotic (and simple to make) cake that everyone went nuts for.  Enjoy & stay hungry!


  1. Well that is super adorable!!

  2. Oh my GOSH CAITLIN. I am obsessed with this!!!

  3. This is super cool! Yours looks better than the Betty Crocker one!

  4. what a gorgeous and yummy looking cake.


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