Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Gift of Good Food

A quickie post today because I'm exhausted and it's about 100 degrees outside.  This is the kind of day where I want to split my time between my cool, air conditioned bedroom and our pool.

Recently we've been buying food for friends and family during gift-giving occasions instead of more traditional gifts.  Most people I know seem interested in cutting down on the stuff they're bringing into their house and so we've buying them tasty treats instead of ties or jewelry or dishes or whatever.  It started with my dad (some local porkchops for his birthday, a pair of t-bone steaks for Christmas).  This weekend, speaking of steaks, we bought some for my meat-loving neighbor (along with some aged cheddar) for her surprise 50th birthday party.

Wrap it up simply and serve up a gift that won't end up as closet clutter!  Stay hungry!

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