Thursday, December 27, 2012

96 Days to Go

I have always been an enthusiast when it comes to dates and countdowns.  For somebody who hates math so much, I sure do like counting down the days until big things happen.  When I was younger, it was summer camp and spring break.  In college it was weeks until finals.  And spring break.  In my adult life, it's all "twenty business days left in the quarter" and "OMG eleven months until my thirtieth birthday".  But the biggest countdown I've had yet is quickly ticking down... and Babycenter was kind enough to alert me - 96 days until my due date.

Which brings me to our nursery-to-be... what started as a very sparse and unused extra bedroom upstairs is slowly starting to fill up.  Amazing, generous gifts from family over Christmas mean that I am no longer freaking out about needing to buy baby gear.

But before we get to unpack the baby carrier and the stuffed bunny, our first project in this room is to cover up the ugly popcorn ceiling.  Our whole house has popcorn ceilings and I HATE it.  The baby's room is the first one we are attacking and it will be covered with some sort of planked ceiling or beadboard tiles.

We'll also install some shelves for baby books (we were lucky to receive the beginning of the baby's library as gifts this week), reconfigure the closet for maximum storage, and then begin the decorating process!

(Jesse has had that boxed up fan since I've known him - it moved [still boxed] with him from Colorado to Seattle to NYC to our current home and was immediately dumped in this extra bedroom.  We'll install it in this room, assuming it still works.  Which I'm not.)
So... expect lots of baby-prep-related posts from me in the next 96 days.  We'll be painting, sanding, spackling, hanging, and (with a little help from Jaisa and my father) also cooking all of the delicious, freezable meals we can!


  1. Cant wait to follow along! Are you having a boy? Lucky you that you got lots of baby gear for xmas. My mom took me on a maternity clothing shopping spree at the gap (major sales there!) And gave us a cuuuute baby quilt. And my xousin gave us a gc for a baby boutique here in bk that sells the cutest stuff including all the fancy slings and carriers. But that was all the baby gear I got. Guess we will have to wait for the shower. :) whens your due date? Mine is june 7th. Good luck with all the prepping!!!

    1. Hi Ellie - we don't know whether it's a boy or a girl and I'm hoping it can stay a surprise until go time (I am always really careful about telling the nurses that we don't want to know). Due date is April 2 and it's crazy how quickly time is passing.

      Good to know about Gap!! I am already getting really tired of the few maternity clothes I bought...

  2. How exciting! Fortunately baby gifts are adorable and fun to buy. Can't wait to see the nursery progress, although the blue walls are a little deceptive at first glance...


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