Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Roundup: Top 10 Hardly Housewives Holiday Appetizers

I love the holidays.  Mostly because it means I get to MOW delicately sample all types of new appetizers.  Here is a list of all of my favorites.  I got a few of these recipes from family and friends from Christmas get togethers and others I just cooked up in my little brain. Enjoy!

1. Mini Philly Cheesesteak Bagel Bites.  I love these.  So cute, so little and so easy to make.  E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e will go loco over these.  No need to let people see you slave over the stove - make them before everyone arrives and keep them in a 200 degree oven to stay nice and toasty.

2. Skinny Buffalo Chicken Bites. Don't let the "skinny" deter you.  These are cheesy, delicious and packed with flavor.  And they are cute and little.  It's a holiday miracle people.

3. Minnetonka Sushi. No Minnesota Christmas would be complete without these babies.  LOVES me some salami.

4. Crab Cake Canapes.  This is a family holiday tradition, if you count Patriot's games as a holiday...which you should.  My mom whips these up like it ain't no thang and they are always the first to go.  Buttery, cheesy, and toasty crunchy.  Noms.

5. Cranberry Green Onion Dip.  I had this last year at Christmas.  It sounds...weird...but I promise - it's soooo good.  And it's green and red.  So there.

6. Cheesy Pull Apart Bread.  This isn't the most refined appetizer, but who cares.  It's bread, toasted with butter and cheese and garlic.  It's amazing.  Duh.

7. Baked Crab Rangoon Cups.  These are SO good and very easy to make.  No need to wrestle with boiling hot oil.  Save some time (and lots of calories) and make this yummy take out classic.

8.  Mini Cuban Sandwiches.  I love mini food.  Mini burger and mini hot dogs are so...yawn.  Surprise your guests with an awesome Cuban sandwich, complete with ham, pork, pickles and nutty Swiss cheese.  Yes please.

9. Porchetta & Pickled Fennel Crostini.  Oh, I just love this recipe.  Mostly because it's super unique and different and just SOOOO amazing.  I love how the unctuousness (yup, unctuousness) contrasts with the sweet and sour pickled fennel.

10.  Better Than Boursin Cheese.  I love this because it's so versatile.  It's amazing on just crackers, to make mini tea sandwiches, or to just spread on your hands and lick them.  Just kidding.  I never do that.  Tee hee hee yes I do.

Happy, happy holiday appetizer making.  Stay hungry!

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