Thursday, January 5, 2012

Minnetonka Sushi

So I'm actually cracking up right now thinking about what our Hardly Housewives readers are going to think about this post.  Let me start by saying that this was not my idea. 

Part of the joy of living in the Midwest now is having the ability to make something like this without people thinking you have totally lost your mind.  Pickles?  Cream cheese?  Salami?  Hell, let's roll it up and call it sushi.  Not only are you socially acceptable for making this, you are considered a genius among your kind.

I remember the first time I had this.  It was in Minnesota about 7 years ago.  As tradition called, my father in law's side of the family had another appetizer cook off to help celebrate Christmas in the most delicious way possible.  Charlie's cousin Tommy marched into the house with these and it took me all but 4 seconds to wipe out the plate that was intended for fifteen people.  I love salami.  Love love love it.  My Dad would roll up pieces for me to nom on when I was a toddler.  Thanks Dad for forming this rather unhealthy obsession of mine.

Anyway, just three ingredients until we are in salt lick bliss.

Kosher Dill Pickles (refrigerated kind) 
Cream Cheese

Ok so this is what you do.  Line up three pieces of salami like this.

And spread a healthy amount of cream cheese.  Haha I said healthy.  I would say about a tablespoon or so or until it's nicely coated.

I would recommend patting the pickles with a paper towel.  It will help the salami and cream cheese stick better. So put the pickle on the end...

...and roll it up.

Just like this.

So I realize that some pickles are larger than others, so for those, lay out the salami like this.

With a sharp knife, cut 1/2 inch slices.  So the ends are not suitable for company.  So those are for you.  ALL FOR YOU.  Yes.  Aren't I the fairy food Godmother or what?

Check.  This.  Out.

Okayyyyy fine.

There isn't a recipe for this really.  I would just estimate 1 pickle per person.  So, if you have 16 people coming over, do 16 pickles, 48 slices of salami, and about 1 block of cream cheese.  Cool?  Cool.  Stay hungry! 


  1. This is hilarious! I went to college at NIU and My roommate would make this snack all the time. Everyone made fun of it but once they tried it they couldnt stop eating it.

  2. Just had to say... I just found you the other day and this is the best blog I have found in forever!! I LOVE everything I have read!! AND I have been eating this as a snack staple forever!! Yummy!!

  3. I don't know if ot was Tommy or Charlie, but one of them named these, "the supplies," meaning my mom must stock the fridge with "supplies" every time they are home!:)

  4. I have seen these made before but they were un-sliced and called "pickle Dogs"

  5. I make these all the time, but use roast beef. I have always called them "pickle rolls". People now specifically asked for them when we bring food to work.

  6. As usual, no matter what they are called or who had them when, you put a hysterical spin on it. You are a crack.

  7. Growing up, we used to have these at family gatherings as an appetizer but instead of salami, we used the budding beef. Haven't tried the salami but the beef was delicious:)

  8. We always use "dried beef" for this recipe. Found near tuna or canned meats at the store. This is an old standby for every gathering!!

  9. We have made these for years with ham, great for a diabetic friendly finger food.. Good to see these have a online Pin. Thanks..


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