Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anna's Asian Bistro

So have you been wondering why Asian food has been on the brain?

I recently checked out Anna's Asian Bistro and seriously can't stop thinking about it.  I liked it so much I went back for dinner after having lunch there (I'm dead serious).  The sad part?  I ordered the same exact three dishes I had for lunch again for dinner.  You would think I would branch out a little but no, it was all that good.

Can we take a moment to observe the awesome typo?  Sorry, I'm a child.

This is the gyoza.  Crunchy and packed with flavor.

This is the fried avocado stuffed with spicy tuna, cream cheese, onion and masago.

This absolutely blew my mind.  This was creamy, crunchy, smooth, spicy, and just had the most perfectly balanced flavors.  Top dish I can remember eating recently.

This was also ridiculously good.  This is the drunken noodles with beef.  This dish had some KICK but was just the thing to turn my frown upside down after a late night out.  Ah-mazing.

So it's at the corner of Green and Lake.  Careful though, it appears as though King Kong comes through here from time to time.  All you Chicagoans check it out and stay hungry! 

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