Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Things We Love: Paper Source Address Stamps

There are a lot of things Jaisa and I don't see eye to eye on: politics, baseball teams, meat consumption, high heeled shoes.  Sometimes it's a wonder we get along so swimmingly.  Despite all that, here's something we DO agree on... Paper Source's Custom Address Stamps.

Jaisa's friend Lauren bought one for Jaisa and as soon as I saw a letter from Jaisa, I knew I had to have one myself.  I think it's a great gift for newlyweds or for a friend buying a home.  I think it's a great gift for yourself when you're looking for something to make snail mail more exciting.

A self-inking stamp that can be customized with your name and address, it adds a special touch to your letters.  Jaisa's stamp has cute lovebirds on it and I went with the Pearl Border, but here are a few more I love:

all photos via

Here's a seller on Etsy who makes custom address stamps that are super cute if you'd rather go the handmade route.

And speaking of snail mail, are you sending out Valentines this year?  I'm planning on making mine this weekend, but I saw this on the Paper Source's website and had to share.  Remember when I went crazy for the Christmas version of this festive little octopus?


I'm tempted to scrap my handmade Valentine plans and buy a bunch of these to send out as a followup to the ones that I sent out at Christmas!  Maybe all of my correspondance is moving in an eight-legged direction...

Stay homey, sweet friends!


  1. Those are too cute. I would never have thought to buy one before!

  2. I agree these are so cute and now I think we need to get one of them!!


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