Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DIY Envelope Pillowcases

As mentioned in my goals for 2012, I've got a sewing machine that I've barely used. While I want to make a quilt sometime this year, I figured I'd start off simple - with pillowcases for the throw pillows on our couch.

First, I ran to Joann and picked out some fabric. I wanted something ladylike - our couch is a huge leather sectional that could use a little lightening up. Using this tutorial, I measured out my fabric to the size of my pillows (20" square down pillows from my recent Ikea run) and cut - lengthwise, 50" and 20" across. I didn't leave any room for seam allowances - I like the pillow covers to fit snugly.

I ironed out the creases in the fabric...

...and started to sew.  First, the hem on the top piece of the fabric.  This will be the outside part of the "envelope" case.

Then, with my fabric inside out, I folded it up in the shape of the pillow.  I situated the ends of the long side to overlap in the middle, creating the "envelope".

Finally, I sewed together the sides and turned the pillowcase inside out, and put my pillow inside!

See what I mean about the couch being dark?  Between the leather and the wagon wheel, I'm glad I added something a little lighter... it was starting to look like a hunting lodge in here.  The last time my brother was here he and Jesse spent an hour looking at antler chandeliers online... I needed to intervene immediately!

Have you made pillows before?  Any experienced sewers have a suggestions on a next-step project?  I think I still need a little practice before I start on my quilt.  Let me know and stay homey!


  1. Looks great! I love the contrast against the leather sofa!

  2. Looks good - great idea to mix 'girl' fabric with 'guy' leather - also, the couch needed pillows!

  3. The White in the pillows will go very nicely with the antlers!

  4. I only have a couple of quilts under my sewing foot. :) However, I really like Jenny's video tutorials. They are great for newbies like us! My next one is her tube tutorial.

    1. Thanks! I'll check it out. I also just learned about "cheater quilts" and, since I've been wanting to make my on fabric on Spoonflower, I may give it a shot!

  5. P.S. Love the pillow! It pops on that couch.


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