Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Conversation Hearts Magnets

Is there a treat more often associated with Valentine's Day than Necco's Sweetheart Conversation Hearts? Whether you like the taste or not, you can't deny that they're a V-Day icon and, using some items you can find around your house, I'll show you how I made Conversation Heart Magnets.

You'll need:

paint chip samples (cut into hearts with scissors or heart shaped punch)
thin magnets (also cut into hearts)
glue & brush

These were all things I owned already.  As with the Valentine's Day banner, I used paint color samples from the Home Depot.  For the magnets, I used those business-card style magnets that small companies send to you or have at their check-out counters.  We have a TON from when we moved and every local business sent us information about their services.

Once my hearts were cut out (but before I glued them onto the magnets, in case I made a mistake or didn't like how the writing looked), I wrote some "conversation" on these hearts.  I know there are updated versions now that say things like "TEXT ME", but the only things Jesse and I text about is picking up dinner on the way home or Fred's recent visit to the vet.  Thanks, but I think I'll stick with the classics.

Use a thin layer of glue to stick the paint chips to the magnets, let dry, and hang up...

Easy to make and free... what's not to love?

Stay homey!


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