Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Philly Cheese Steak Bagel Bites

Yeah so these were ridiculous. 

Philly cheese steaks are one of my all time favorite sandwiches.  In college I would order from this place called Lewiston House of Pizza and order the #1 Special every other night.  Steak & Cheese, with onion rings, and a Diet Coke.  My stomach is growling just thinking of it.

These were super easy to make and even more fun to eat.  These would be perfect for your kids, game day, or a quick and satisfying lunch or snack.  Mmmm I'm drooling.  I wish I had more of these.

Ok so you have three ingredients (four including the optional but recommended mustard).

American Cheese  
Package of Philly Steak (found in freezer department)
Mini Bagels 
Mustard (optional)

Lay the mini bagels out and get them ready for the oven or toaster oven.

Cook half of the meat first until it begins to cook and then add the rest of the meat.  This takes about 60 seconds to cook because it's so thin.

Once the beef has cooked all the way through, add half of the cheese and stir to incorporate.  Once it's melted, add the other half of the cheese and stir.

This is what we are working with.  HOLY MOLY.  This was so good.  Just like this.  Can you imagine how difficult it was not to plop on the couch and mow this by the spoonful?  Difficult.  Very difficult.

So you only want to toast the mini bagels lightly.  Just enough so they are warm and slightly crunchy, but still soft in the middle.

You could put sauteed peppers, onions, mushrooms, anything you want on here.  Even though I love all of those ingredients, I'm a purist when it comes to my Philly cheese steaks.  I like it straight up meat and cheese.  The mustard comes from my husbands insatiable need to put mustard on EVERYTHING.  This was very good with mustard though.

Drool face...is that you?  Knocking on my front door?

I don't blame you.

Just one more...

ONE MORE!!  Make these.  Like now.  Stay hungry!

Philly Cheese Steak Bagel Bites
6 Mini Bagels, halved
1 10.5 oz Pkg of Philly Sandwich Steak (freezer section
8 Slices of White American Cheese
Toast the mini bagels until light and golden brown.  Cook the steak over medium high heat per packages instructions.  Add cheese to the pan a little at a time so cheese blends well.  Serve on toasted bagels and enjoy!


  1. OMG this is the perfect drunk snack!

  2. Wow..you just gave me the perfect idea for lunch today!!! These look amazing!

  3. Wow it is so testy food. it can be good for all.

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  5. Philly cheese steak bagel bites, yes please.

    Also LHOP ftw



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