Friday, January 13, 2012

We're Winter Storm Ready... Are You?

(shaking snow off of our trees during the October blizzard)

When snowstorms used to hit us in Brooklyn, we'd order in delivery, watch a few movies, and take Fred out for a snowy stroll once the blizzard died down. Not all that much changed about our day-to-day life, even though we somehow convinced ourselves that we were "roughing it".

The reality of my new house is that when storms hit, we need to have prepared in advance. After Hurricane Irene in August, we lost power for 9 days. Luckily, we had a generator which we'd turn on periodically to cool down the fridge and turn on the water pump (this meant I didn't have to go to the local middle school to shower, which is lucky because that's not the way I had wanted to meet my new neighbors).

Now that it's winter storm season (though we haven't seen much since Snowtober), I wanted to make sure we had everything we need in case we're stuck without power again for a while.  Besides a big pile of Bates sweatsuits and a few bottles of whiskey, here's what we've got:

Since we have fires most nights during the winter, we've got a huge wood pile out back. We make sure to be stocked up at all times!

In a hall closet, we keep a basket with flashlights, candles, and matches...

...and a headlamp in my nightstand just in case the power goes out overnight.

Plenty of canned and dry food (though, after a storm, we usually try to go through the contents of the fridge first)...

...and the beloved generator, ready at a moment's notice on our porch.  This actually belongs to my mother-in-law.  I fear the day she takes it back.

Are you prepared for winter storms? Or are you riding out the darker months in sunny California? Either way, stay warm and stay homey!

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  1. Why actually I am NOT ready!! HA! I live in the frozen tundra (ie. Wisconsin) therefore I should be (you would think, right?!?!)!!! I am so adding this to this weekends "to-do" list. Since moving into our new house a few months ago I can't find anything around here!! Thanks for the 'heads up' post!


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