Monday, January 16, 2012

A Bed for Fred

Our Basset Hound, Fred, usually makes himself comfortable whenever he enters a room.  He has his pick of space on the couch, a dog bed in our mudroom, and an old quilt folded for him in Jesse's office.  When he's in our room, however, he usually just throws himself onto the hardwood floor.  Since he's getting old and I worry about his little Basset joints, I thought I'd try my hand at sewing him a basic dog bed.

Without much serious sewing experience, I used the "Envelope Pillow" method, just on a larger scale.  Here's what it took to make this dog-bed-for-beginners:

fabric (2.5 yards)
foam (2 yards)
sewing machine

Above is the fabric I chose - a heavy cotton with a navy pattern.  Since Basset Hounds aren't known for being the cleanest dogs, I needed a pattern that would hide some stains in between washings.

First, I cut my foam (it came in a roll) into two pieces to make the rectangular dog bed.  From there, I measured out my fabric and cut it down...

As with making the pillow, I turned the fabric inside out and folded it like an envelope...

... and stitched the sides closed...

From there, I turned the cover inside out...

...and stuffed with foam to make a dog bed.  Here's Fred, hanging out on his new favorite spot:

I love it and so does he.  Let me know about your sewing projects... or your Basset Hound... and stay homey!


  1. I love Fred's bed. I would love to make one for Floyd but I know for a fact he wouldn't sleep in it. Mainly because it isn't our bed.

    1. Sadly, Fred has gotten too old to jump up on our tall bed!

  2. where is the fabric from? i like it!

  3. It's from Joann and I saw it there this weekend. Good luck!

  4. How did you close the open side so that you can wash it? Adorable dog.

  5. A Fred Bed! Killa(as I have renamed Tilla) must be jealous!


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