Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paint Wars

When we moved into our house, most of the main room was a terra cotta red. I didn't love it. We painted the living room a light blue last month and have been going back and forth on paint color ideas for the adjoining room, our breakfast nook.

I should mention that while Jesse and I agree on major stuff like how we want to raise children one day and our love of Basset Hounds, we have serious differences when it comes to taste in paint colors. We disagree early and often, which is probably why it's taken so long for us to address the still-unpainted breakfast nook.

On Saturday morning, we bit the bullet and headed to the Home Depot to get some samples.

Clockwise from bottom left, here are the colors we're considering:

Behr Atmosphere
Martha Stewart Miso
Glidden Lemon Ice
Glidden Spring Cactus
Behr Sausalito Port
Martha Stewart Sea Glass Green

I painted a few strips up on the wall...

...but clearly there can only be one color choice and so it's time to start playing mind games with Jesse.

I told him the blues (my two favorites) were manly. He told me that, given my preferred color scheme, I should have joined the Navy. I told him that the green, his #2 pick, made the room look like an easter egg. He told me that he thought the "miso", his #1 pick, looked like my alma mater's signature Garnet color (guess I'm not the only one playing mind games here).

As of yet, we're still undecided. Jesse's friends came to watch football this weekend and I basically forced them all to pick my colors as their favorites. Jesse isn't sold yet.

What do you think? Let me know and stay homey!


  1. I vote atmospheric!! My husband and I play the same mind games!! lol. When it comes to making home decor decisions, we just can't seem to agree on anything. I like the more cool tones and Scott likes the more warm tones!! It makes home decorating very frustrating, so I totally get what you mean...HA!! However the one color that we did agree on is atmospheric(great minds think alike :) )so I am shocked Jesse is not on board with you on that one. HA. We painted our family room that color and I love it! Can't wait to see how it turns out (oh and who wins the color choice..hehe!!).

  2. Beautiful colors I must say!! Love the atmosphere too, but I so love your hubby's choice! Miso definately will define the space as a separate area. And it compliments your living room paint color and it pulls the wood grain out of your molding and window casings. My philosophy it's only paint and it can always be repainted. A pain yes, but if you paint one color and leave it for a while you may just love it! or you repaint it to other choice. Happy painting and I hope you come to a concensus soon.

  3. My vote goes to Atmosphere. There's a nice bit of color but it's toned down with some gray. You could add pops of almost any color through accessories to change things up quickly.

  4. Hi Caitlin, I'm enjoying your blog soooo much! V. Cool! Your trip to Europe looked FAB! xoxo pat k.

    1. Hi, Pat!! Thank you! And congrats to you guys and Ashling! When we were in Vienna, we went through some of Isabella's old photos - they included a bunch of me & your girls, as well as a few parties at your PPW apartment!

    2. Aw, sweet! Good times!!!

  5. I vote for either of the blues. You want to have continuity between the rooms.

  6. We recently went through the same exercise, taking our living room from a bold orange, to a muted green, to a deep, dark blue. In the picture above it looks like you might have run into the same issue we had with greens - once they go up on the wall they start to look a little more pastel than they do in the sample jar. I really like the blues, but that's probably because right now that's my paint color obsession.

  7. Fun project! I love considering paint colors. I've always thought I'd be perfectly happy working in the paint department at home depot. I like the sausalito port, personally. Little nooks are a great opportunity to go bold with color, and that blue really complements the stain on the wood trim, and also will reference the adjoining room. Luckily, I never run into this because Michael is colorblind, so he's really not partial.



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