Saturday, January 7, 2012

Aunt Chrissy's Country Chic Cape Cod Home

Since Caitlin is rockin' n' rollin' with Gouda mac n' cheese today, I decided I'd be homey today.

I love my Aunt Chrissy's design aesthetic.  It seems so effortless, as though Martha Stewart just waved her wand and everything just fell into place.  When you ask her about a certain item in her house there is always a story behind it and a reason for it being there. 

This was the Thanksgiving table.  I loved how rustic and effortless this looked.  The soft yellow/ivory napkins complemented the yellow ware (as she calls it) so well.  The pop of orange came from fresh tulips and tea roses.  So country chic. 

I know this is more of a homey post, than hungry, but I had to show a picture of her Thanksgiving turkey.  She decorated the turkey with thyme, sage, and fresh cranberries.  It was just beautiful and the green and red accents pulled from the table runner that was designed with similar colors.  

I. Am. Obsessed. With. This.  So, me being decoratively challenged, assumed this was a nice little insta set from Pottery Barn.  Wrong.  This is her collection of pewter antiques that she's been collecting with her husband, Steve, for years. 

The coolest part of this shelf?  Look at the side.  It's actually a whales tail.  How cool and New Englandy is that?

Oh you know, just a sweet looking wooden bowl that looks like it's 600 years old with perfectly displayed pears.

This is really cool.  This is also an antique, known as a pie safe.  So, basically you would use this back in the day to store your pies.  The metal is perforated to let the pies cool and out of harms (my) way.  Some day, I will live in a house and have room to decorate like this. Stay homey!


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