Monday, January 23, 2012

A Handmade, Homemade Cookbook

Senior year of college, my friend Kate and I decided to make binders to collect recipes in to bring into our "real life" after Bates. We seemed to always have a pile of old magazines lying around our house, so we started by snipping out food-related pictures and collaging them together using Mod Podge.

I collaged enough to cover the front, back, & spine of the binder and slid the collage in under the clear protective cover:

From there, we made dividers using cardstock & tape... could probably just buy these, but it was college and we were on a budget. Or we just didn't feel like driving out to the Super Wal-Mart for the third time that day.

Once we had our binders constructed, we started printing out recipes ( the college library). We looked online and in cookbooks. We emailed our family & friends for their favorites. And we shared our recipes so we both had a good list to start with.

I've had this for 7 years now and use it all the time. I've given up on neatly printing out pages and just 3-hole-punch recipes I've printed or grabbed from the farmers market. The inside pocket holds recipes I'm meaning to try...

In a Pinterest & Epicurious world, the need for an actual cookbook is becoming obsolete but I love having years of recipes in one place to flip through. How do you keep your recipes together? Let us know and stay hungry!

PS - I asked Kate if she still used her cookbook and if so, to send over some pictures for me to share.  Like me, she "uses it all the time" and was kind enough to send pictures of hers.  Awesome, right?


  1. I have one also! I have one of the premade ones but I am changing the cover. I love keeping all of the recipes that I find in one place! Pinterest has some amazing ones that I've used lately!

    -Madeline Grace

  2. I switched to a 3-ring binder system myself a few years ago - a definite upgrade from a recipe file box! I didn't decorate the outside of my binder, but after seeing yours, I'm considering it. Inside the binder are about 100 or so clear photo pages in two formats: one style page holds 10 3x5 recipe cards and the other holds two 8.5x11 printed recipes. While I do use Pinterest, it's not practical for me to use while cooking, since I am living in the dark ages with a monstrous desktop computer and a wall phone. LOL


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