Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Martha @ Staples

I stopped into Staples last night with a friend so she could return something. While she waited in line, I wandered around the store and was immediately drawn to the new Martha Stewart Home Office display. My friend found me there a few minutes later, gawking, drooling, and touching all of the products. Be still, my heart.

Here are a few of my favorites (all images from Staples.com):

Wall-mountable file pockets - I NEED one of these for our kitchen to catch all of our mail as it comes in. They come with adhesive AND pushpins, so it looks like they're easy to hang up wherever you need them. They come in blue (shown below), white, & brown. I'm obsessed.

And talk about obsessed - there are also dry erase boards of all shapes & sizes that you can stick right to your fridge or wall...

...and all sorts of desktop organization products, from magazine files to stackable boxes to colorful drawers and trays. Like the hanging file, these also come in white, brown, & that pretty sea blue.

The collection (made by Avery), naturally includes all types of labels. There are permanent labels, removable labels, round & square labels, and chalkboard labels (if you decide not to make them yourself). I'm loving the Kraft labels, perfect for favors and gifts:

I left Staples empty handed last night because I didn't have my wallet (we were coming from a dance class) but I think I may have to head back later (or hit up Staples.com... free shipping!).

Stay organized and stay homey!


  1. Um, this is magical. I LOVE office supplies and also really love organization and Martha!

    1. No kidding! I'm seriously not even sure where to start. Wait til you see the journals & notebooks there, too!

  2. wow i'll have to check these out asap!


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