Monday, January 9, 2012

Homey Away From Home

Jesse and I just got back from a two week trip to Europe! While there, we visited Krakow, Prague, Vienna, & Madrid and had an AMAZING time. I'm still digging out from piles of laundry (not to mention emails!) and adjusting to good old Eastern Standard Time, but I wanted to share with you a few homey favorites I came across during our travels.

Shortly after arriving in Poland, Jesse and I wandered into Krakow's Old Town and hit up the Main Market Square. There was amazing food (pierogi, anyone?), plus various vendors selling decor & kitchen supplies:

After a few days, we left Krakow on the overnight train to Prague. Once recovered from a not-so-restful night of travel, we headed out to explore the city on foot. Below is an awesome wreath I spied on a door in Prague's Hradčany district, the neighborhood surrounding the castle:

From Prague, we took the train down to Vienna. HOW AMAZING is this apartment kitchen? We stayed with my old friend in Vienna and I was totally blown away by her place. I just loved the green glass, in-the-wall wine rack, & cozy sitting area. A great use of space and gorgeous to look at!

In Madrid, our final destination, we visited the San Miguel Market and had a killer lunch (more on that later). While most of the stalls were filled with delicious treats, one had these chalkboard mugs... possibly a good use for some of my leftover chalkboard paint?

We had a wonderful trip, but there's nothing like travel to remind me that there's no place like home. Whether at home or on the road, stay homey!


  1. Aahhh so jealous. My husband and I are planning a Europe vacation for summer 2013.....I would love to show him Poland and show him my family ancestry. Sounds like you had so much fun. Can't wait to see more!!! ;-)

  2. Yes!! I'm half Polish and so is my husband and we were SO excited to check out "the homeland". Krakow was SUCH a cool city and we're already dying to go back. Let me know as you plan it :)

  3. Too many things to love here! That wreath, the bright kitchen stuff!!


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