Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blue Ball Jars!

I learned about the blue glass Ball jars on Brooklyn Limestone last week and I am SO excited!  Ball is celebrating 100 years of mason jars and these is the first in a series of limited edition jars.  They can be ordered here.


These are obviously a much, much smarter solution to satisfying your blue mason jar needs than trying to dye them yourself... remember my failed attempt last year?

Jesse and I use mason jars for a lot around here.  While I haven't tackled canning just yet (we do have a kit though and I am hoping to make my first attempt this summer, botulism be damned), we use mason jars for drinking water & smoothies, storing food, and displaying flowers.  We are trying to cut out plastic as much as possible and I think some pretty blue jars will make this task even easier.  Enjoy and stay homey!


  1. BLUE BALL....jars

  2. Oh my how awesome! I love Ball jars and to have the colored ones without making them myself out paying $30 A JAR will be AWESOME!

  3. Yes!! So exciting!
    I would like to learn canning as well. Jars are just wonderful, maybe it's their versatility, or the fact that they just seem so "homey" in an old fashioned way...they're just great!


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