Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Handmade Baby Items I Love

So I had big plans for this weekend.  Big, big plans where I finished off the nursery, vacuumed every crevice of my house, and crafted up some sweet and unique last minute baby items.  But last week my blood pressure spiked and the doctor told me to take it easy.  Like modified-bed-rest-easy, so all of my plans went out the window.  Yesterday's post was a project from a few weeks ago, but there was still plenty I would have liked to have crafted up.

Let's consider this post a little peek into my private "bebe" Pinterest board.  A rundown on projects I thought I could get done pre-baby.

1) DIY Crib Mobile - How sweet is this star and moon mobile?  The tutorial is in German but it looks like it's fairly simple... cut out some cardboard shapes and cover in colored yarn.  Sorry, bebe, no yarn crib mobile for you... (spoiler alert: luckily Jesse ordered an amazing mobile from Etsy for us to use instead)

2)  Fabric Diaper Changing Roll - We have a changing table upstairs in the nursery and a great to-go changing pad for the diaper bag, but I want to set up a changing station downstairs where we spend most of our time during the day.  I had envisioned sewing up a plush, portable changing pad to use.  Since any sewing project would involve a walk around the fabric store, I have put this on the back burner for now...

3) Handmade Baby Hat - I am obsessed with this project and not just because I used to have the same J.Crew shirt.  Late winter/early spring can be pretty chilly around here and I love the idea of stitching up a hat with ears for bebe.  Now that I've tried my hand at reversible hat sewing, I thought I was ready for adding on some ears and a flourish on top.  Not meant to be (for now).

4. Hand Stamped Swaddle Blanket - From what I hear, you can never have enough swaddling blankets for a new baby and this one is stunning.  Though I haven't used a potato stamp in ages, I had envisioned a basset hound stamp on the light, gauzy blanket.  This would also make a lovely baby gift if you can get the stamping down right.

So... a little glimpse into my yet-undone to-do list.  It's possible I will get them done at some point, but for now enjoy these sweet handmade baby goods and stay homey!

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  1. Take care of yourself, mama! All the best to you and bebe.


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