Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nursery Update #2 (Alternate Title: This is all that's done so far??)

The last time I posted pictures of our soon-to-be nursery, it was a dusty mess with no finished ceiling or floors to speak of.  That was over a month ago.  I'm pleased to announce that, at long last, we have both a ceiling and floors (AND painted walls)!

Here's the little nook in the nursery where the dormer window bumps out.  Don't mind the various tools scattered throughout the room, please.

The wall color is Martha Stewart's Sea Anemone, which seems to photograph somewhat toothpaste-y but is actually soothing but bright in person.  We decided to go with it on a whim instead of the light blues we'd been considering and I think it's perfect.

Here's our delightfully flat, non-popcorn ceiling, just waiting for its new fan (arriving tomorrow, right, Amazon?):

The closet still needs a lot of work (we're trying to find a "system" that will work for us) and I don't want to put the bifold doors back on there... I'm thinking about a canvas curtain of some sort.  The bifold doors that are ALL over this house don't seem to work well - they're always askew and off track and I hate to start off in this room with closet doors that are doomed for failure.

Jesse and our neighbor Rob (THANK YOU, ROB!) installed the floors themselves over the past two weekends.  They're bamboo and I am OBSESSED.  

Once the ceiling fan and lights are installed, we are ready to finally start decorating.  With less than 3 weeks until my due date, we're kind of down to the wire here.  I'm also hoping that the "nesting instinct" that I keep reading about will kick in at some point (My sister on nesting: "Suddenly you just clean and you like it? That seems like fiction").  And so far, for me, it is.  I'd much rather nap than nest (or even slog through my yes-I'm-still-working inbox).

Stick with us until the next update and stay homey!


  1. Looks amazing!! And you are so artsy w/ that floor pic!! Can't wait to meet the babe! XOXO

  2. Looking good. You guys have accomplished a lot. We have a bifold door problem in our house too...two sets of them have some down and been THROWN AWAY. the plan is to replace then with curtains, and we're getting ready to do that soon. I found I was much happier living with a closet with no door than having to fight with the door every time I wanted inside

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who fights with bifold doors regularly! We are trying to find a curtain that will fit nicely in the room but won't take over, visually. This is way more kid-friendly than bifold doors, too!

  3. The floors look fabulous--they look very professional!

  4. Wow! Looks amazing! Love the bamboo floors too and very cute picture with the bebe bump =)
    So excited for you guys!


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