Thursday, September 12, 2013

Baby Shower Love & Advice Letters

Here's a great baby shower "game" or idea for a new mom.  When my mother sent out invites to my baby shower back in February, she asked guests to bring a note for me that would be sent after the baby was born.  Many of my sweet guests brought letters to the shower and there was also extra stationery there for some last-minute notes.  My mom stamped and addressed the letters and, in the months following baby Will's birth, popped them in the mail periodically so I was receiving consistent letters of love, advice, and encouragement.

There was a period after Will was born where "leaving the house" meant "walking to the mailbox" and excitedly opening the wonderful letters that came every week or so.  Because new motherhood feels isolating to begin with (long nights, odd hours, crazy hormones) and my house in the sticks made me feel even more isolated, it was so great to open up handwritten words of encouragement that came via snail mail.

Words of advice and anecdotes from experienced moms, memories and jokes from old friends, and even a poem filled up my mailbox until a few weeks ago when I received one last handwritten note from my mom letting me know that we had reached the end.  I've saved all of the sweet notes and can't get over how much of a difference it made to read these kind words during one of the most hectic, tiring, and wonderful times of my life.

Thanks, Mom, for coordinating this and thanks, ladies, for all of your letters!

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  1. That is a really lovely and meaningful idea - better than playing "guess the baby's weight"!! Thank you for sharing!


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