Thursday, September 26, 2013

Heirloom Tomato Salad BLT and a Trip to the Farmers Market

I love it when Charlie get's something stuck in his head.  It makes me feel a little less crazy, for like... a second.  He woke up dreaming of an heirloom tomato BLT on Saturday morning so off to the farmers market we went. 

Normally we wonder around the farmers market aimlessly with no real purpose.  We just pop around, sample some goodies, and usually leave with 3 pieces of cheese worth like forty dollars...worth every penny of course.  Not this time though.  WE WERE READY. 

Ok so want to hear something funny?  I actually uploaded this picture thinking these were heirloom tomatoes.  It's been a long week OKAY?!

We were "tired and hungry" from walking around so we decided we needed a snack.  It just so happened to be a grilled pork belly sandwich with coleslaw and spicy red pepper sauce.  OMG yum.

Back to the BLT.  So the best BLTs are the ones with the best ingredients.  It's so simple, that everything must be perfect.  These heirloom tomatoes were just to die for. After slicing into them they burst with the most amazing fragrance. Fresh and gardeny.  You don't get that with a grocery store tomato.  You just don't and it makes me sad.

We picked up some other ingredients as that's missing from the picture is the bacon, obvi.   We got free range, nitrate free, blah blah blah bacon.  All I know is that it was really good.

Can we talk about how perfect this bread is?  I mean oh my.

If you use anything besides Hellman's mayo for your BLT than feel free to walk your face into your fist.  Look how creamy and crunchy and salty and bready and amazing this is.

Stay hungry! 

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