Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Jesse!

Today Jesse and I celebrate three years of marriage!  Since that day, we've traveled across four continents together.  We moved out of our cozy Brooklyn apartment and tackled country life together.  We've adopted two more pets.  We've welcomed our sweet son.  Those are the big things.  We've also eaten pizza, gone for walks down our street, and talked in funny voices more times than I can count.  We crack each other up every day.  We have exciting plans for the future.  Life is good.

Three years ago, all of our planning had finally paid off (with some surprise good weather) and we were in the midst of the best party of our lives

I love this shot our photographer took of my dress from the bottom.  I think it looks like a seashell or a flower.

Thanks to our parents for throwing us such an amazing wedding.  Thanks to our family and friends for trekking out to a little vineyard in the middle of nowhere for an evening of celebrating.

 Three years ago there was a lot of love and it's only grown.  Happy Anniversary, Jesse!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!! So happy to see how happy you are :) PS that picture of the bottom of your dress needs to be framed!


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