Thursday, February 20, 2014

Half-Bathroom Progress (& a Wonky Wall)

I last blogged about our half bathroom here after we covered up the popcorn ceilings with beadboard and painted the whole thing a nice dark blue.  Besides touching up the paint on the walls and ceiling, we were also waiting for the frame store to be finished with some art for us.  We've had these "star maps" since 2009 when Jesse bought them for me in Brooklyn.  We were short on wall space in our small NYC apartment and hadn't found the perfect place for them in our house.  Turns out the "perfect place" was our small guest bathroom (or so we thought), so we took them off to get framed.  Fast forward to a few weeks later:

I love them!  I love how they look with the blue!  I love how Jesse and I managed to get them straight and evenly spaced!  I love that this bathroom is almost done!  But wait...

We didn't notice when painting (or before) that part of the wall is all bowed out.  It sticks out so much that one of the four frames does not lay flat against it.

I'm not sure it translates in photographs but it's so noticeable we had to take the four frames down.

We're brainstorming for other art solutions in there that won't show off our wall's bump and also... we're looking into what to DO about our wall's bump.  Off to find somebody to (hopefully) reassure us that our house isn't falling in around us... stay homey!

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  1. I have no clue the way to get an enormous contract with an enormous construction company and style for them.


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