Monday, May 5, 2014

Nico Osteria

We had dinner last week with some friends at Nico Osteria.  It was an incredible meal.  We are all still raving and dreaming about it.  I absolutely can not wait to go back.  MMM MMM MMM didn't have a bad bite the entire night. 

Below is a summary of the amazing dishes we had.  

This was a mix of the east and west coast oysters with celery and champagne vinegar.  

Yum.  Fresh bread including olive focaccia.  Forget it.

This was the La Quercia Prosciutto with gnocco fritto (little savory beignets), radish, clock shadow caprino, black currant-pepper jam. The waiter lovingly called this dish "ham and donuts."

This was SO good.  This was the Kanpachi crudo with crispy potato, and banyuls vinegar.  So different and interesting.  The fish was so fresh and clean and the little potato chips added this amazing savory crunch.

This was the stracciatella with brussels sprouts, trufflebert hazelnuts, parsley.

These were the glazed Veal Sweetbreads with salt roasted beets, smoked olive tapenade, and pistachio.

This was the beef Tongue with sepia, radish, and sea urchin aioli.  YES, beef tongue! It was nuts.  So delicious.

This was the rigatoni with northern ragu, which was similar to a bolognese.

So I was scared to try this.  This was the squid Ink Conchiglie with ramps, royal trumpet mushrooms, bigeye tuna.  I have never tried squid ink pasta because I always thought it was super overpowering.  It wasn't at all.  It gave the pasta a beautiful hint of flavor, but was not super fishy or over the top at all.  It was amazing.

This was my favorite.  I could have eaten the entire plate time and time again.  This was the stuffed Pappardelle with milk braised pork, carrots, black truffle.

By this point, the wheels fell off the wagon and we were just going rogue.  Instead of ordering meat dishes, we just ordered a mess of side dishes - all of them were so delicious.  I could eat veggies all day every day, especially when they are this good.  This was the broccolini with ricotta, hazelnut pesto.

Oh man.  I don't even know how they make potatoes this crispy.  Charlie was going NUTS.  He kept asking, "how did they make the potatoes crispy in the INSIDE??"  Very good question. Anyway, they were topped with a sharp pecorino.

These artichokes were amaze....they were pickled artichokes alla giudia with fennel aioli.  They were crispy, crispy, but nice and soft in the inside.

This was the peas and carrots with pine nuts, and green garlic.  I've never had peas and carrots like this yummy.

This was a mixture of gelato and sorbetto.  68% Nyangbo Chocolate, Tonka bean cocoa nib, and Blackberry Sorbet.  Just insane.

This was one of the best meals I've had in a very long time.  So happy I tried it and can't wait to go back.

Stay hungry!

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